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St Johns Wood Synagogue Logo

The beauty of logo design is that it encapsulates so many different talents in one design.

Our starting point for this design was the 'wood' - as in St. Johns Wood. By combining trees with a 7-pronged version of the ancient 'menorah', we developed our first draft. It was almost ended up being the final logo, until one synagogue member pointed out that another local synagogue also used a 'menorah' in their logo (but without the trees of course).

So we refined the concept into an intricate tree with the trunk as the candle stemp and 7 upwardly rising branches. It is a subtle but beautiful design that is reverential with tradition. A few other logos were also developed including the graphically strong combination of a Star of David with the letters SJWS.

The logo design was ultimately put to the congregation to vote for, using an online poll, and the 7 branch tree logo won the day.

St Johns Wood Synagogue Logo image

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